Where are your tea leaves from?
We source the best from all over the world! Our teas are carefully selected by our supplier after multiple testing. 

What's the shelf life of your tea?
All will eventually lose their flavor, and the phytochemicals (primarily flavonoids) they contain will degrade. However, dried tea leaves that are kept dry and stored in airtight container can be maintained for up to two years.

Is it safe to consume during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
We advise checking with your health professionals first. We have also listed down our ingredients before you make any informed decision.

Are there decaffeinated tea option?
Sure we do! We have indicated our teas that contains caffeine or caffeine free.

Is it Halal?
It is not Halal as we do not have any Halal certification.

Are there any preservatives or colouring in your tea?
Our blends guarantees zero flavour boost, colourings and preservatives added. 

Is it suitable for Vegan?
Our blends plant based only, so YES!

How should I store your tea?
Keep them stored in our tea canister or pouch bag, and store in cool, dry place.


How do I use your Anti-Bacterial Spray?
We recommend shaking well before use to distribute the pure aromatherapy oil evenly. Rub your hands until is completely evaporated.

Are they skin safe and if they will dry our skin?
We only use pure and skin safe oils in our blend, and better yet it doesn't dries up your skin at all!

Are there any allergens?
Kindly refer to the ingredient lists as they may contain allergens. Please consult your doctor before using if you are unsure.


Can I opt for self collection?
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we do not offer self collection at the moment.

When will I receive my order?
You will be notified via email once your order has been dispatched. Once dispatched, your order should reach you within 2-4 business days, including processing of your order.


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