Cool Anti-Bacterial Spray
Cool Anti-Bacterial Spray
Cool Anti-Bacterial Spray

Cool Anti-Bacterial Spray

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Revitalize your hands with the Cool Anti-bacterial Spray!

Infused with an enriching blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Rosemary, the Cool Anti-bacterial Spray provides nutrient-rich vitamins to your hands while sanitizing at the same time.

Not only will your hands have a nice fragrant scent to them but you’ll feel a sense of relaxation while any existing pain goes away.

It can be used as a hand sanitizer and also
a disinfectant spray on any objects such as desk, handphones, yoga mats and many more.

Keep your hands sanitized with our Cool Anti-bacterial Spray and order yours today!

70% Ethyl Sanitiser
Eucalyptus Pure Aromatherapy Oil
Peppermint Pure Aromatherapy Oil
Rosemary Pure Aromatherapy Oil

Aroma Therapeutic Properties:
Boost Metabolism, Energy Level, Promote Relaxation

100% Natural
Free from Cruelty, Synthetics, Dyes, and Parabens